Coordinate the look of your kitchen with matching appliances from the Hamilton Beach Ensemble Series.
Coordinate the look of your kitchenware with a Hamilton Beach Ensemble Series

Sold as two separate color-coordinated packages – the Red Series and the Black Series – each of these stylish sets comes with its own unique, high quality kitchenware. Continue reading

Keep track of your health with your own blood pressure monitor from Today's Concept.
Keep track of your health with a blood pressure monitor

To be clear, no blood pressure monitor can substitute a doctor visitation, and Today’s Concept encourages you still make routine visits to your physician. But if you’re pressed for time or curious about your health, your own personal blood pressure monitor can help to alleviate some of your concerns. Continue reading

Get the best audio experience out of your TV - and without other noises drowning out the sound - with MyZone Wireless Headphones.
Improve your home audio experience with MyZone Wireless Headphones

The MyZone Wireless Headphones are your solution to listen to your TV or computer at whatever volume you like, without having to disturb any of your roommates or worry about outside noises from interfering with your enjoyment. Continue reading

Energy Saving Advice

Stay cool this summer, and reduce your energy bill, with an electric fan.
Stay cool with an electric fan

For those looking to beat the heat and do so affordably this summer, consider purchasing an electric fan instead. Continue reading

Save money this summer.
As temperatures rise, it’s time to consider how you can make your air conditioner more efficient

Much of the country is experiencing its first days where the thermometer reads higher than 80 degrees, showing an encouraging sign that summer is on its way. Continue reading

Using an electric heater can be environmentally friendly.
Evaluate your carbon footprint in honor of Earth Day

Forty-three years ago, a group of leaders came together to discuss the environmental problems that had been plaguing the planet since the industrial revolution. Continue reading

Home Improvement Tips

If you have trouble with allergies, help yourself this summer with an air purifier.
Consider air purifiers to combat summer allergies and mold

For people with allergies, the warmer seasons can wreak havoc on their bodies. To best prepare yourself this summer, be aware of these common allergens. Continue reading

Designed for use in small spaces, Todays Concept's EDV300 Mini-Dehumidifier can remove dampness and help prevent mold growth.
Keep on the lookout for homegrown mold this summer

As spring turns over to summer, the seasonal change can expose weaknesses in your home or introduce issues that arise because of the shift in weather. One of the most prevalent issues that faces homeowners during the summer is mold. Continue reading

Make sure that your house is ready for summer.
If you haven’t already, it’s time to turn down your manual thermostat

Spring is finally upon us, and many people are relishing in the chance to leave the house without a coat or wear open-toed shoes for the first time. Continue reading