A quality KitchenAid blender will mix the best drinks

A blender is an essential home appliance. These accessories used to be fancy wedding gifts, but are now a staple in the kitchens of people of all ages. There are a huge variety of them available, but if you're looking for something really nice, it has to be the KitchenAid 5-speed Custom Metallic Blender. 

Nothing can liquefy better than this powerful device. The stainless steel base is both trendy and timeless, as this happens to be the material of choice for domestic kitchens but has always been trusted in the ones of the pros as well. The five speeds of this blender enable you to stir, chop, mix, puree and liquefy anything and everything. 

Whether you're thinking of making soup or have a particular soft spot for frozen beverages, this blender can handle anything you throw at it. The pitcher is made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate and can hold up to 56 ounces, meaning that you can make a large amount of every type of drink under the sun. Best of all, it's dishwasher safe so making your favorite food or beverage is a simple task that doesn't have to end in annoying cleanup. 

The trusted brand KitchenAid has been around for years, and is known for creating long-lasting products that any homeowner can really put their trust in. This blender comes protected with a one year hassle-free replacement warranty, so if anything does happen to it, you will be covered. 

Once you've got this wonderful blender on your counter, you'll find yourself inventing excuses to make beverages all the time. The patented one-piece blade can cut through almost anything with ease, so feel free to experiment with new foods and combinations. Who knows? Maybe this blender will make smoothies a part of your morning routine!

Start a microbrewery operation with the Bottling Bonus Pack

Whether it's you or a loved one, once people start brewing their own beer, they generally hooked. After all, there's nothing better than cracking open an ice-cold brew with your buddies at the end of a hard day and getting to tell your friends that you're the one who created it. If you're hard at work creating your very own beers, you'll eventually find that you've run out of bottles. 

The home brewing experts at Mr. Beer have already anticipated that you may run into this problem. That's why they've created the Bottling Bonus Pack. The pack includes 8 1-liter plastic refill bottles, which come complete with caps and labels, as well as a larger Classic American Light Refill. Altogether, it includes enough space to make two gallons of beer, perfect to go hand in hand with your Mr. Beer Deluxe Brewing system. 

Spring time is getting closer every day, and as it does, you'll want to spend more time outside with some delicious refreshments. Home brewing systems from Mr. Beer couldn't make this any easier, providing you with the opportunity to make your own version of this all-American beverage in a surprisingly easy process. 

Once you've done it the first time, make sure you order more bottles right away, because you'll want to try brewing your own beer again and again. Think of designing your own logo for the labels and giving bottles out as presents to friends or loved ones. Home-brewed beer makes a great ice breaker for family gatherings and is always delicious. 

After you've started your own microbrewery project, extra bottles will help you to keep making delicious beers again and again with a professional-looking result. 

Suspend makes an excellent Easter present

Every parent knows that for little kids, Easter is more than just a Christian holiday. After all, second only to Santa, the Easter Bunny is one of the most celebrated magical characters that brings gifts to children. Traditionally, the Easter Bunny will bring candy and small presents to children in celebration of this holiday. 

Of course, in many households, giving the Easter Bunny a little bit of help when it comes to finding a great present is just one of the many things you'll have to do to adequately prepare for this celebration. After all, once you've picked out the menu for your traditional Easter dinner, remembering to get the right present might be the last thing on your mind. 

This year, rather than giving individual gifts to the whole family, why not have the Bunny bring something that the whole family will enjoy. A great, fast-paced game like Suspend is the ideal present for the entire family. 

This fun new game from Melissa & Doug will entertain everyone. Perfect for one to four players, this game of strategy works by having competitors stack up weighted bars on top of one another and the setup. With each one that's added, the balance of the whole thing shifts, making for an array of difficult setups. The person who makes one of the rubber edges touch the ground first is out. 

Best of all, this can be the perfect post-meal activity. After everyone has eaten, get out the game of suspend and have everyone get together and play. Once your family gets into this game, it will be the most fun you've had in years. Rather than giving your kids a sugar high this Easter, come up with something they'll really love, like the great game of Suspend from Melissa & Doug

Use your KitchenAid mixer for delicious homemade pasta

One of the best aspects of a KitchenAid Stand Mixer is its multiple functions. This accessory has been a staple of a well stocked kitchen since it came out, and not just because it will help anyone to make a cake. Beautiful enough to be kept on the counter, KitchenAid accessories can help your standing mixer do just about anything. 

Undoubtedly one of the most celebrated functionalities of this essential kitchen tool is its ability to make pasta. This Italian classic has become a large part of the American diet as well, but ask anyone who's had it and they'll tell you that there's nothing quite like pasta that was made from scratch. 

For many home cooks, making dough that can be turned into pasta is fairly easy, especially when you have the help of a KitchenAid mixer, but rolling it out and cutting it into even pieces that cook to that al dente perfection is another story completely. Luckily, there's a tool that can help with this challenge and have you creating the best pasta on the block in no time. 

The KitchenAid KPCA Pasta Cutter Set will create the perfect thick egg noodles with almost no effort on your part. Powered by the mixer itself, all you have to do is set it up and get going. Once you're finished, simply use the brush to clean off bits of flower and pasta from your mixer, and then you'll be able to toss most of the pieces right into the dishwasher. 

Perfect if you would like to make your own gluten-free or whole wheat pasta, this accessory will become an essential after just a few uses. Once you're used to the superb taste and texture of homemade pasta, you'll never be able to enjoy it out of a box again. 

Get ready for spring and use an electric heater in the meantime

Though we're nearing the end of march, the cold weather is stretching on for longer than many of us can handle. This can be very difficult for those who have carefully budgeted for our winter heating bill, since if the cold weather doesn't let up soon, it could presumably create significant problems for their wallets. 

If you're facing the prospect of paying a larger-than-average bill for January, chances are you're getting a little nervous - after all, this time last year, the birds were singing and people were already outside enjoying  longer, warmer days. Perhaps it's time to turn off your heat for the year so that you won't have to keep spending money on this bill. Since you probably didn't budget for a winter that stretches through to March, you'll undoubtedly enjoy having the extra cash back in your pocket.

Even turning your thermostat down a little can end up saving you significant amounts of money while it's still chilly outside. Of course, this will also probably leave your house on the cold side until the winter weather dissipates in earnest. In order to keep yourself warm until then, think of getting ceramic electric heaters for your house. 

These can be added to all of the rooms in your home, and help to keep everyone you love comfortable during the increased chilliness that continues to linger. They won't add much to your electric bill, but they'll keep you comfortable. 

Best of all, when the sunshine really does start sticking around, you'll be able to put these portable heaters away quickly and easily. If you want to save money on your heating bills throughout the rest of the winter, maybe it's time to turn down your thermostat and supplement with other methods like an electric heater

A warm mist humidifier can help to freshen a small room any time

There are so many benefits to adding a warm mist humidifier to any space. But many individuals choose to make use of this kind of humidifier because of the health benefits. Relying on one of these handy appliances can help to prevent colds and get you feeling good again quicker if you do get sick, not to mention make just about any space feel more comfortable.

Of course, there are hundreds of options out there when it comes to choosing the proper humidifier for you. Depending on your specific needs and the way that you'll go about using yours, there are some that are better than others. For example, if you live in a studio apartment or have a small room of your own, you'll find that you hardly need a whole house humidifier. Instead, one that's made specifically for a small place will likely suit you better. 

Think of getting the Sunbeam Health HM5082U Warm Mist Humidifier, which will put the perfect amount of moisture in the air of your house. Specifically designed with your health in mind, this wonderful appliance can be switched on when you need it, but won't take up too much space when you don't. 

Humidifiers are known for being helpful during allergy season, and for people who are if you happen to be sensitive to dust or other environmental issues. The stylish look of this humidifier means that it can be easily stored on the floor or a table without ruining the design of your room. If you have issues with your health, you may find that a humidifier can help you feel better and breathe easier. This wonderful option from Sunbeam is perfect for a smaller place. 

Buy your air conditioner now to make sure that you’ve got it for summer

It seems that the groundhog lied to us. Throughout most of the country, the weather is not lovely and spring-like the way it usually is this time of year. Instead, we've gotten pummeled with a number of late-season snow storms that have many of us wondering if there ever is going to be a spring. As icicles continue to form, many of us fear that it will stay winter forever.

But rest assured, when the warm weather is upon is, it will likely come with as brutal a force as the winter did, especially if the last few years of super hot summers serve as any indication. Rather than waiting for the first major heat wave of the season to realize that you should buy the window air conditioner that you will probably need well into the fall, get a jump on the season by ordering the one you want now

Have you ever noticed that all the big box stores sell out of air conditioners once the hot weather hits? Don't just assume that one will be available at the closest department store, and get a jump on things by having yours all purchased and ready to go when you need it.

This year, don't wait. When you don't have to endure a brutal heat wave without any help, you'll thank yourself and the incredible piece of machinery that is keeping your bedroom bearable as long as it's switched on. Best of all, because it installs directly out the window, you can keep it in for as long as you like. Taking it out is a snap, as long as you follow the detailed directions that can be found right on this blog.

Get more fun out of your home brewing system

There is no denying that the Mr. Beer home brewing system is one of the most fun gifts that you can get a fiend or loved one. It is so valued that despite its novelty many people choose to buy and use the kit for themselves in order to get started in the exciting world of home brewing. Whether you choose to purchase this system for yourself or were lucky enough to receive it as a present for a special occasion, there are no ends to the amount of joy a product like this one can bring you.

The brewing process usually takes about three weeks before the beer is fully finished and ready to drink, but the fun doesn't have to end after you've shared the homemade beers with your friends. Now is the time to ask for an honest critique from everyone who sampled the beer so that you can find out what you should do better.

Then do a little research in order to find out how to improve upon your technique so that your next batch is even more delicious than the last. Once you're ready to go again, you don't have to spend money on the deluxe home brewing system another time. Instead, simply purchase the Mr Beer Brew Pack and get ready for a second round of hand-brewed beers that are even better than your first attempt.

Your friends will appreciate this process too, since they can act as the official tasters every time you come up with a new batch. Soon enough they'll be asking for your beer by the case, all thanks to the Mr. Beer Deluxe Home Brewing System.

Today’s Concept has a full range of Ugly Dolls available for you to look through

If you ask any kid what the coolest toy is, chances are that the Ugly Doll will come up in their response. These plushy dolls are incredibly lovable regardless of the gender of the child, since they look like a cool alien instead of a Barbie. Whether for a birthday or Christmas present, it's safe to say that any little one in your life is simply going to love it if they get an Ugly Doll as a gift. 

Best of all, there are a huge variety of both the dolls themselves and accessories to go with them, so you can find something to give the most avid collector and chances are they won't have it. Even if they've got all of the characters, you can always give them an Ugly Buddy, clip-on toy, a comic book or even an UglyPillow. 

It's not just children that these unique and friendly characters are popular with. These avant-garde looking cuddle toys also make great throw pillows on modern furniture, and have taken on a cult popularity in the well-appointed modern houses of collectors. Since this brand started out hand-sewn, being sold in craft fairs, that makes some sense. 

But of course, like any in-demand kids toy, it can be incredibly hard to find when a big holiday is coming up. Even then, local department stores and resellers are known to jack the prices up in order to take advantage of the increased demand by charging a premium. Here at Today's Concept, that's not the case. You can find our full range of Ugly Dolls and other Ugly products is on sale for less than the regular price, leaving you with more money in your pocket after you buy gifts. 

Make sure you have everything you need with your KitchenAid mixer

The KitchenAid mixer has been a staple of well-stocked kitchens for many years now. This standing device can be used to make cake batter or dough of any kind and is an invaluable help to all cooks, whether they're just learning or already professional-quality. It's important to make sure that you have all of the accessories you need in order to use this mixer well when you're in the kitchen. 

KitchenAid creates some of the very best quality tools for all cooks, and the full range of accessories that go with its iconic mixer are certainly no exception. With the complete pack of attachments, there's almost nothing that your KitchenAid mixer can't do. With all of these accessories, your mixer goes from being the ultimate baking attachments to an all-around must-have tool with too many potential uses to count. 

The set includes a grinder, slicer, shredder and strainer, meaning that your mixer can help you to create some of the best soups, sauces and salads you've ever made. Whether you're buying for yourself or a loved one, some of your very best culinary creations will undoubtedly be made with the help of this essential tool. And if you're a little lost at the prospect of the numerous potential uses of this accessory pack, you might be comfortable knowing that the FPPA Stand Mixer Accessory Pack comes with a users manual that teaches you all of the important things you need to know about these valuable tools.

Now is the time to invest in lasting accessories for your KitchenAid standing mixer. This package will help you to cook some of the best foods you've ever made.