Get the rules right for your next game of Suspend

On this blog, we frequently focus on the game Suspend, which is a somewhat new offering from reputable brand Melissa & Doug that is fast on its way to becoming a household name. This fun balance game is great for the whole family and may become a staple in your house once you get the hang of it. 

While it's true that Todays Concept offers one of the best deals for Suspend anywhere online, we wanted to go over the rules so that you know how to play as soon as you get your hands on this great game. First, make sure that you've gotten ready for your game correctly and divided the pieces between the players. The game comes with a simple setup that's easy to put together. Make sure that you have this on a flat surface, and divvy up the rest of the pieces between players.

You can only pick up pieces with one hand, and if you touch any of the other Suspend parts while you're trying to hang yours, you'll lose your turn. You can place your segments anywhere on the game except for places that have already been occupied, so pick your placement wisely. If one of the pieces touches the play apparatus, you have to move your piece, and if any of them fall, you have to add them to the pile. The game is over when a bar touches the ground. 

One of the best things about this family game is that you can change or add rules as you like, so playing it is always an adventure!

Uglydolls can make a wonderful high school graduation present

If you know someone who will soon be celebrating their graduation from high school, you might be searching for the right present to give them. After all, they're not a kid anymore, and will very likely be heading off to college in the fall, but you still might notice that they are indeed still young. This momentous occasion is also somewhat less noteworthy than it was in the past, since now it is more of a rite of passage than a major achievement. 

If you're attending the graduation of someone you know and love, you don't have to feel pressured to spend a lot on their gift. Instead, they might appreciate a nice card, small gift and check or gift card of some kind. The combination will let them know that you care, but also enable them to make some of the necessary purchases that they will need before heading off to school in the fall. 

As a present, consider getting the graduate in your life an Uglydoll. It might be nice to take a comforting memento of home to college, but the modern look of these cuddly toys makes them more of a beautiful and artistic throw pillow than a stuffed animal like a teddy bear. It might just be the perfect way to tell this person that you wish them luck in the future. 

We feature great prices on the popular Uglydoll brand. No matter which ones you're looking for, check the extensive inventory of Today's Concept before shopping anywhere else. 

Play a quick game of Suspend to divvy up chores

Parenting is a mix of hassle and heart. After all, our children surprise us every day with the wonderful things that they say, do and make us feel, but it's not as if we don't have trouble getting them to follow directions now and then. After all, it can be very difficult to negotiate such necessary tasks as bed time, room cleaning and eating vegetables, which have been known to turn even the most mild mannered children into absolute terrors. 

There are many experts on the subject of what you should do with your children when they act up and the best ways to keep your kids disciplined while still letting them know that they're loved. Many successful parents have found that coming up with a plan for such activities as chores is best if you stay consistent and keep it fun. Beginning chore time with a game, for instance, could help to make cleaning the house into a fun activity rather than an irksome one. 

If you have children, consider starting chore time by playing a quick game of Suspend. This fun activity will remain lighthearted and certainly put a smile on everyone's face. You can then set it up so that the person who loses and ends the game gets to choose what everyone in the family has to do so they don't feel bad. 

Just because you have to do it, that doesn't mean it has to be hard. Making chores into a game can teach your children responsibility and help them stay happy. 

Uglydoll comics debut at Free Comic Book Day

There's no denying that Uglydolls have become incredibly popular in recent years. These cuddly toys send children a message of individuality while remaining friendly and fun to play with, and they've also gained a following by adults who like the fact that they look unique and often use them to add an element of surprise and personality to their home decor. 

But the line of dolls has become so popular that it has also inspired a number of related accessories. From a book series to school supplies, it's now possible to find Uglydolls on just about everything you could want. And this weekend, the empire expanded a little further. 

On May 4th – also known as Free Comic Book Day – Viz Media launched its new Uglydoll comic. The series follows the familiar characters in their unique world, where everything is tailored to their experiences.

Ian McGinty told Comic Book Resources that he found the experience of creating a world for these dolls to be a lot of fun. "You are dealing with a line of 260 stuffed animals," he told the source. "That was the fun of it — figuring out how certain characters might walk, or how would this guy talk to his friend? It was a fun thing overall." 

The line of comic books is expected to have a built-in fan base, since Uglydolls are so wildly popular. But there's nothing quite like giving your child one of these treasured dolls to get them really interested. Don't forget that Today's Concept has a great selection of Uglydolls and other classic toys that your child will love. 

Get a mother’s day present that the whole family will enjoy

Between the ongoing cold weather in much of the country and the rash of recent troubling world events, you may have forgotten that Mother's Day is just around the corner. But, this wonderful holiday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the female that holds your family together by getting her a thoughtful present, cooking on her behalf or taking her out for a quality meal. 

Because moms do so much for us – even after we've left the nest – this holiday is an important way to say "I love you" and show her how much she means to you. 

If you have small children, however, this can be a little more complicated. While you'll certainly want to teach your little ones about the importance of thanking their mother for being there for them always, the reality is that kids require a lot of attention, and that doesn't just go away when it's Mother's Day. 

Rather than sending the young people in your family away, it's best to plan a day for mom that everyone can be a part of and will also keep your little ones entertained no matter what. Therefore, you should think about giving the special mother in your life a present that the whole family can enjoy. Consider making her breakfast in bed and encourage her to open presents right away, that way, you can spend the rest of the day playing with them. 

A fun and family-friendly game is an ideal present from the kids, and they will have so much fun enjoying this present with mom! A rousing but still easy game, like Suspend, is perfect, and your family will have so much fun spending the day playing together. 

Ugly Dolls are getting high-tech updates

In recent years, Ugly Dolls have taken off in popularity among youngsters and adults. These cuddly toys are adorable, even though they're not traditionally cute. Many children love the hopeful message that they give through their encouraging story and, most of all, enjoy the dolls for their softness. In order to drive home the idea of individuality, there are several varieties of Ugly Doll on the market so that each child can have one that best suits them, or they can collect them all. 

But Ugly Dolls are no longer just a set of cuddly toys. This brand has expanded to incorporate a number of other accessories, including key chains, school supplies and even a line of story and comic books telling the tales of each of these beloved characters. 

Now the Ugly Doll empire is planing to expand a little further. According to technology resource website SlashGear, the company is increasing its line of flash drives decorated with the beloved characters. The new offerings include the character Big Toe, who had previously been left out of the series, as well as a new 128 GB size for all characters – enough to store all of the files you need. 

Not only can you keep important data stored safely on these 128 GB flash drives, but they also come with wallpapers, avatars and icons that users can download onto their computer and use to show their personality in addition to their love for these adorable characters. 

If someone in your family loves Big Toe, they'll be thrilled that this great character is now available on more Ugly Doll-related accessories. His silly face looks great on a flash drive, and makes for an easy way to store files. 

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and play Suspend outside

It seems that the beautiful weather that we've been expecting this spring has finally arrived. In celebration of the pleasantly sunny weather that usually comes around this time of year, many individuals are taking to the great outdoors, deciding that they should seek the opportunity to soak up some of the first warm rays of the season.

This is an excellent time to have a picnic lunch or dinner, which is one of the best ways to enjoy the nice weather while it's here. But if you're craving the kind of fun activity that your whole family can partake in while you're out there, why not play a game of Suspend?

This excellent game from Melissa and Doug is becoming more popular by the day, and will surely keep your family entertained for hours of fun. Undoubtedly one of the best things about this amusing game is that it's incredibly portable. All of the necessary pieces for a fun round of Suspend come in a convenient can that takes up very little space and is easy to carry with you. 

It can be set up on an outside table or picnic blanket just as easily as it would be inside, so your family can play it together even when they're outside and  take the fun indoors once the sun goes down. 

Taking advantage of the nice weather that this time of year is known for is a simple task when you have a thrilling game like Suspend by your side. Make sure that you enjoy every one of the sun's first warm rays by going outdoors and playing a few fun rounds of this great game. 

Popular Ugly Dolls are expected to be common Halloween costume in 2013

Though they've been around for a few years now, it's clear that Ugly Dolls are not just a fad. These cuddly toys are fun for children and adults alike, both of whom embrace them for the more nontraditional aspects of their appearance. The line has even expanded into a number of creative collectibles, including miniatures on keychains, comic books and a variety of characters so children can have fun with all of them. 

And while their unusual aesthetic is what has drawn most of their grown-up fans, it's the fact that each doll has a unique story that they can relate to which makes children love them so much. In what is perhaps the biggest mark of success for a child's toy, the Ugly Doll seems to have been picked as a desired Halloween costume. It was recently mentioned in a New York Times parenting blog as a possible Halloween costume for the kids of the author. 

The adorable faces and friendly attitude that these toys exude helps to ensure that they're beloved by all of the little ones who are thinking of using this toy as a fun costume. But in addition to the fond feelings that the tiny tot in your house probably has about these dolls, they also make for an extremely practical costume, since the fabric that you'll need to make an Ugly Doll costume is cozy and warm, it will be the perfect trick-or-treating outfit. 

While it's still early for the child in your house to have decided their Halloween costume, do what you can to encourage this creative idea of a Halloween costume for them in the meantime. Even if your child decides to select a different costume come October, they will surely cherish all of the memories they have with their beloved doll. 

Suspend makes an excellent Easter present

Every parent knows that for little kids, Easter is more than just a Christian holiday. After all, second only to Santa, the Easter Bunny is one of the most celebrated magical characters that brings gifts to children. Traditionally, the Easter Bunny will bring candy and small presents to children in celebration of this holiday. 

Of course, in many households, giving the Easter Bunny a little bit of help when it comes to finding a great present is just one of the many things you'll have to do to adequately prepare for this celebration. After all, once you've picked out the menu for your traditional Easter dinner, remembering to get the right present might be the last thing on your mind. 

This year, rather than giving individual gifts to the whole family, why not have the Bunny bring something that the whole family will enjoy. A great, fast-paced game like Suspend is the ideal present for the entire family. 

This fun new game from Melissa & Doug will entertain everyone. Perfect for one to four players, this game of strategy works by having competitors stack up weighted bars on top of one another and the setup. With each one that's added, the balance of the whole thing shifts, making for an array of difficult setups. The person who makes one of the rubber edges touch the ground first is out. 

Best of all, this can be the perfect post-meal activity. After everyone has eaten, get out the game of suspend and have everyone get together and play. Once your family gets into this game, it will be the most fun you've had in years. Rather than giving your kids a sugar high this Easter, come up with something they'll really love, like the great game of Suspend from Melissa & Doug

Today’s Concept has a full range of Ugly Dolls available for you to look through

If you ask any kid what the coolest toy is, chances are that the Ugly Doll will come up in their response. These plushy dolls are incredibly lovable regardless of the gender of the child, since they look like a cool alien instead of a Barbie. Whether for a birthday or Christmas present, it's safe to say that any little one in your life is simply going to love it if they get an Ugly Doll as a gift. 

Best of all, there are a huge variety of both the dolls themselves and accessories to go with them, so you can find something to give the most avid collector and chances are they won't have it. Even if they've got all of the characters, you can always give them an Ugly Buddy, clip-on toy, a comic book or even an UglyPillow. 

It's not just children that these unique and friendly characters are popular with. These avant-garde looking cuddle toys also make great throw pillows on modern furniture, and have taken on a cult popularity in the well-appointed modern houses of collectors. Since this brand started out hand-sewn, being sold in craft fairs, that makes some sense. 

But of course, like any in-demand kids toy, it can be incredibly hard to find when a big holiday is coming up. Even then, local department stores and resellers are known to jack the prices up in order to take advantage of the increased demand by charging a premium. Here at Today's Concept, that's not the case. You can find our full range of Ugly Dolls and other Ugly products is on sale for less than the regular price, leaving you with more money in your pocket after you buy gifts.