Coordinate the look of your kitchenware with a Hamilton Beach Ensemble Series

At Today's Concept, we are well stocked in the best and most reputable name brands of kitchenware. But we also know that true culinary enthusiasts want quality in their cooking tools, and don't need to be told which products offer better service than others. Instead, their concerns are less about what kind of kitchenware to buy, but rather, how best to fashion a very efficient and decorative-looking kitchen out of those appliances. For those consumers interested in coordinating the look of their kitchen appliances, consider our selection of Hamilton Beach Ensemble Series.

Sold as two separate color-coordinated packages – the Red Series and the Black Series – each of these stylish sets comes with its own unique, high quality kitchenware. Both series utilize the same sleek design approach, with each ensemble's products modeled similarly and coated with the same color scheme. If you like red in the kitchen, the Ensemble Beach Red Series offers kitchenware all in that color. If you're more a fan of black, the Black Series gives you the tools you want in the color you like. 

Each ensemble series also comes with specific appliances. The Red Series is comprised of a blender, can opener and programmable coffeemaker. The Black Series is also available with a can opener and blender, but substitutes the coffeemaker for a ultra-wide-slot two slice toaster. This kind of variety ensures that if you only choose to buy one package, you won't completely miss out on the products offered, but if you also choose to buy both, there's enough uniqueness in the tools for sale here.

For more information on these or the other quality culinary products we have to offer at Today's Concept, visit our online store.

Keep track of your health with a blood pressure monitor

We know that healthcare is on everyone's minds these days. Living healthy, and setting guidelines for how to do that, is one thing. But knowing if you're actually healthy and on the right track, or if you need to make some adjustments to your lifestyle, is something entirely different. For most people, this would involve visiting the doctor for regular check-ups, but this is an increasingly expensive course of action, with or without insurance. While the face of healthcare is set to change in a drastic way soon, you can help to keep your own tabs on your health with one of the blood pressure monitors we have for sale at Today's Concept.

Blood pressure monitors work by restricting blood flow and then measuring the pressure, recording the point at which blood flow begins and when it flows unimpeded. This allows the user to collect data that reflects the health of the heart and its ability to pump blood throughout the body. 

For your needs, consider the Omron HEM432C Blood Pressure Monitor. This lightweight and easy to use machine simply wraps around your arm, coming with an intuitive manual pump that you simply squeeze to get the desired effect. Within seconds, your blood pressure and pulse readings are presented on a large, easy to read display screen. No fuss, no complicated maneuvers, no medical knowledge required to decipher the numbers. Just quick, simple results.

To be clear, no blood pressure monitor can substitute a doctor visitation, and Today's Concept encourages you to make routine visits to your physician. But if you're pressed for time or curious about your health, your own personal blood pressure monitor can help to alleviate some of your concerns. For more information, visit our online store today.

Improve your home audio experience with MyZone Wireless Headphones

If you live with roommates, or you happen to live in a city apartment, chances are you have a noise problem somewhere. Maybe it's your roommates watching movies and playing video games until 3 a.m. with the TV volume blasted at maximum. Or it might be that you're the one projecting your TV or computer's volume at all hours of the day.

With the summer bringing the heat in a big way and temperatures routinely spiking to upwards of 90 degrees, 'tis the season to break out the fans and open all of the windows. But then the whirring of those fans, and the street noise from outside, makes it increasingly difficult – if not impossible – to listen to whatever it is you want to watch or play. The alternative can't be to turn off the fans, shut the windows and simply sit there and melt just so you can hear your TV, can it?

Thankfully, Today's Concept has an alternative suited for your needs. The MyZone Wireless Headphones are your solution to listen to your TV or computer at whatever volume you like, without having to disturb any of your roommates or worry about outside noises interfering with your enjoyment. These audiophile-grade headphones give you that surround sound, movie theater experience, with a soft, cushiony design that ensures your ears will be comfortable for extended periods of use. With a range of up to 100 feet, the MyZone Wireless Headphones will continue to transmit sound even if you leave the room. To learn more how these headphones can appeal to your preferences, visit our online store today.

Guarantee clean teeth with a toothbrush sanitizer

Keeping your teeth and mouth clean is an endless, uphill battle, especially if you're born with genes that may make you prone to weak dental hygiene. Plaque, cavities, gingivitis, receding gums, root canals, tooth implants – the list goes on and on, as do all of the health risks and expensive treatments that come with these issues.

The best thing you can do for yourself, and your wallet, is to maintain a regular teeth-cleaning routine. Brush twice a day, floss daily, gargle mouthwash, even scrub your tongue. These are the essential procedures in keeping your mouth clean.

But even these aren't foolproof. After all, just as your teeth are prone to accumulating bacteria, those same kinds of germs can fester in your toothbrush, completely undoing the point of all that brushing.

Stay one step ahead with the VIOlight 100 Home Ultraviolet Toothbrush Sanitizer. Using the same ultraviolet germicidal technology you can find in dentists' offices, the VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer is proven to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of the bacteria growing in the bristles of your toothbrush. Its small and sleek size, and its double function as a toothbrush holder – holding up to four brushes without any risk of cross-contamination between them – means that this device won't take up too much space or look out of place in your bathroom.

The VIOlight kills nearly all microorganisms on the toothbrush, guaranteeing that it will be as good as new when you put it to work. To learn more about the toothbrush sanitizers we offer at Today's Concept, visit our online store.

Keep your kitchen stocked and prepped for summer cooking

What is it about the summer that makes people so much more enthusiastic about cooking? It could be the longer days, or the warmer weather. Maybe it's the kids having off from school or just the general, seasonal feeling of vacation and relaxation. Whatever the reason, whether you're cooking for your family or hosting a party with friends or just making food for yourself, make sure your kitchen is fully stocked and ready for anything this summer. At Today's Concept, we have a wide variety of kitchenware and appliances to offer, which will ensure that all your wants and needs will be met no matter what you're looking to make.

We have a wide array of name-brand, high-quality products to choose from, ranging from skillets, ovens and toasters to deep fryers and cookers. The reliability and effectiveness of our kitchen appliances ensure that not only will you be able to make whatever meal or dish you're keen on, but that the product will serve you consistently and successfully in the long run. With names like Sunbeam and Rival, Today's Concept is interested in only the best brands because we're interested in serving you with the most reliable appliances.

Our gamut of kitchenware is also tailored to not only match your culinary needs but your decorative ones as well. We have products available with either a white finish or stainless steel, providing you a choice in not just the functions of your appliances, but the look as well. These tools are compact enough that they can be made to fit anywhere, leaving you with a nice, clean and clutter-free countertop after the food is gone.

At Today's Concept, we know you're serious about cooking, so we're serious about making sure you have everything you need. For more information on our products, visit our online store.

Take control of your heating and cooling needs with a manual thermostat

At Today's Concept, we offer a variety of different thermostats, which can be divided into two categories: programmable and manual thermostats. Programmable thermostats are an attractive option for some consumers, who like to be able to dictate the heating and cooling functions of their home with predetermined settings and a wide array of options that can be customized for your personal preferences. But for many others, these benefits can be drawbacks, as some find the numerous features of programmable thermostats more confusing than helpful. For these customers, consider a manual thermostat.

More affordable and easier to use than their programmable cousins, manual thermostats are a marvel in simplicity. No confusing arrangement of buttons and prompts, just two basic and easy to remember functions: Setting your initial desired temperature, then adjusting it down or up as you like. You'll find none of the clutter of programming options here. Adjusting the temperature is as easy as turning it up when you're cold or down when the house has gotten too warm. 

You are free to choose between our electromechanical models or the more modern digital thermostats. Both options are affordable and remarkably easy to handle. For those in the market for a specific product, consider the Honeywell Comfort Basics 110B Digital Manual Thermostat. With its sleek and small design, large display screen, easily accessible battery compartment, precise temperature control and ability to interface with your home's heating pumps and central air conditioning, the Honeywell 110B offers all the functionalities and user-friendly qualities that homeowners want in a thermostat, with none of the confusion of other models.

Stay cool with an electric fan

For some, the summer is a welcome reprieve from the long, cold winter months. For others, the heat can be a sweltering nuisance. Homeowners may be able to combat it with central air conditioning, but that's an expensive tool. Apartment tenants may not have such a luxury, and for those who live on higher floors, the rising heat coupled with the already high temperatures can lead to some unbearably humid and sweaty days and nights. For those looking to beat the heat and do so affordably this summer, consider purchasing an electric fan instead.

The electric fans we offer at Today's Concept are powerful, high-efficiency models guaranteed to make life at home more comfortable. The major benefit to an electric fan over central AC is the expense – while air conditioners cost incredible amounts of money in utility costs, fans only consume a fraction of the electricity. Additionally, while central AC is used all the time and covers the span of the home – in wasteful and unnecessary amounts – fans are only on when you want them on, only in rooms that you want cooled. It's completely up to your discretion on where, when and for how long an electric fan is used.

In addition to keeping your home cool and comfortable in the heat, fans can also clear out unwanted and potentially unhealthy smells. This is especially helpful for newly painted rooms, or garages that may be full of fumes from cars.

The Honeywell HT-900 Super Turbo Table Fan is an affordable option for those looking for compact and quiet fans, ideal for use in bedrooms and offices, with a range of low, medium and high settings that ensure you have total control over electricity consumption. For more information, visit the Today's Concept online store today.

Cool down this summer with a Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver

With the rain and gray skies finally behind us, it's time to enjoy the summer in earnest. Lay out in your backyard, head out for a trip to the beach or take your family on a vacation. The hot, sunny weather is finally on and you're going to want to get out as quickly and often as possible to take advantage. But let's not forget that hot means hot. If you like lying on a sandy beach but are worried about sweat and thirst hampering your fun, worry no more – Today's Concept has you covered.

To stay cool this summer, either at home or outdoors, consider the Hamilton Beach 68050 Icy Treats Ice Shaver. This handy, compact and easy to manage appliance can be used to make all sorts of tasty, frozen treats like slushies, snow cones and – for adults – margaritas. The Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver uses ice straight from your freezer, shaves it and mixes with whatever juice, soda or fruit you choose to add. These icy drinks are not only delicious to have and easy to make, but they are also a quick and perfect way to quench your thirst and beat the heat while you swelter under the sun this summer.

The Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver is a hit with both kids and adults alike. It's a great tool to utilize when hosting a party, but it also goes far in just entertaining your kids and yourself. The package comes with recipes that the whole family will love for both their taste and health value. All parts are dishwasher safe, so cleaning the Ice Shaver is just as quick and easy as using it. To learn more, visit our online store today.

As storms bring on mold, keep your house clean with Damp Check

A rainy Memorial Day Weekend seems to have been a sign of things to come this summer. Although only a few weeks underway, the season – supposed to be three months of sunny, hot beach weather – has been plagued by thunderstorms with heavy rains and winds. A few weeks ago, an outbreak of tornadoes in Oklahoma ravaged the town of Moore, claiming 20 victims and billions in property damage. Just last weekend, Tropical Storm Andrea pounded Florida before moving upward and drenching the East Coast with days of rain and flooding. 

With any luck, some sunny relief will be on its way in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, you should inspect your property for any damage dealt by the storms. Not only will this help to storm-proof your home for any future weather, but it will also identify some trouble spots around the house that could potentially lead to some unhealthy – and expensive to fix – headaches later on. Rain damage from storms like Andrea can cause moisture and other standing pools of water to accumulate in places like your basement or garage. These damp areas, coupled with seasonal humidity and warm temperatures, are the perfect breeding grounds for mold, which can lead to serious health risks and costly cleanup procedures.

You can help yourself avoid mold this stormy season with Damp Check, a non-electric dehumidifier from Today's Concept that absorbs and removes excess moisture in the house, eliminating mold, mildew and bad smells. No electricity required! Just place it in a room with those damp spots you'd like to be rid of and the Damp Check will draw the moisture from the air, trapping it in special pellets where it can't get back out. To learn more about how our dehumidifiers can help, visit our online store today.

Keep your home clean this summer with frequent vacuuming

Summer is a wonderful time of year for all the obvious reasons: beautiful weather, barbecues and pool parties, weekends at the beach and, best of all for kids, no school. It's three months of total relaxation - an opportunity to unwind and simply enjoy life. But if you're particular about keeping your house clean, the summertime can also be your worst nightmare.

Having friends and guests over for get-togethers is one thing, but it can become frustrating when they inevitably walk through the house and track dirt, mud or grass behind them. This is particularly likely with kids, who will be spending their days running around and playing outside. It could also happen when coming home from a day at the beach, and you end up bringing back more sand with you than you'd like. In a previous blog post, we also discussed how dust mites and mold spores – brought on by warm temperatures and damp spots around the house – can incite some terrible seasonal allergies.

Make these headaches a thing of the past and keep your home neat and clean this summer with one of the many vacuum cleaners we offer at Today's Concept. We only carry brands from the most well-known and trusted names in the industry, guaranteeing you'll be rid of dirt, sand and dust in no time. Consider the Eureka 431DX Optima Lightweight Upright model, specially designed for cleaning those small, hard-to-get-to places where dirt may be hiding. Its 12 amp motor gives you all the power you'll need, and at under 12 pounds, it comes with only half the weight of many other upright vacuums. To learn more, visit our online store today.