Classic Christmas gifts can include rocking horses

Since a pony may be outside the budgets of many consumers, classic toys like rocking horses can make the perfect gift.

With my husband away on business, I thought I'd take up his spot handling the blog, but not being a home improvement or electric heater enthusiast, today I'll be talking about another subject matter. Mainly holiday shopping, which as he's mentioned in previous posts, I absolutely lo-ove!

Since we have a few young grandchildren, I've been putting a lot of thought into what we're going to buy them this year. In doing so, I found myself going back to my childhood and thinking of the classic toys that I grew up with. That's when I remembered the rocking horse my grandparents gave me.

In honor of their memory, I think I'll be buying the little ones a newer version so that they can play cowboy and cowgirl like we used to do. But, with modern advances, most likely they'll be a lot more comfortable while doing so. (Our rocking horse used metal springs to create the motion, and there was a lot of creaking going on.)

One product I've been especially interested in is the Melissa and Doug Rock and Trot Plush Rocking Horse. Since they are expertly crafted by an adorable couple that has been making the toys for years, I found that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to support their service. (After all, it feels good to know that your purchase is going to a good cause.)

With a realistic saddle and a cute and cuddly exterior, it sure beats the plastic version I had, and I can only hope that my darling grandchildren are one day inspired to continue the tradition. For now, I guess I'll just have to wait and see their reaction when they hop on for their first ride!

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