Classic hand puppets make great holiday gifts

With the success of the most recent Muppet movie, classic toys like hand puppets can make great gifts for kids this holiday season.

With my husband tackling some particularly troublesome home repairs today, I thought I'd take some more time to talk about our holiday shopping list. Tops on the list are classic toys, as I've mentioned in earlier posts that our goal for this holiday season is to provide our grandkids with some toys that remind us of our childhood. (I think we've already mentioned how great the dollhouse and rocking horse are going to be.)

While this may make you think I'm old fashioned, who doesn't like puppets? (And after the reaction they had when told me about seeing "The Muppets" in theaters I got the hint that they were fascinated by the talking, laughing, joking creatures on screen.) Hopefully, these great classic toys enough to inspire my little darlings to use their imagination to the best of their abilities. (Who knows? One might just be the next Jim Henson.)

That's why I chose to buy some of the puppets available for sale from Melissa and Doug, a duo of toy makers that have a knack for making some of my favorite creations. Since last year, one of the girls received a puppet theater, these new additions will go great with that piece, along with what I'm sure is going to be their renewed interest in the toy.

After much deliberation I chose the Melissa and Doug Chef Puppet, Firefighter Puppet, Cowgirl Puppet and Police Officer Puppet. (I also provided this list to family and friends in case they wanted to add to the list). I figured between the cops and the cowboy games they'll dream up, they'll spend hours with the puppets. (As long as their dog Milo can be kept out of reach.)

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