Getting the best (doll) house this holiday season

Finding the right dollhouse for Christmas can be easy, provided customers know where to look for these classic toys.

Once again, it's me Kate. My husband is away still on business – probably off in some conference room preaching about the benefits of energy savings and his favorite manual thermostats – so I decided to talk about a different kind of home purchase – a dollhouse purchase! (AKA the best kind of purchase/house.)

Last year, I got my oldest granddaughter her first dollhouse. I positively swelled up when I saw her eyes go wide with enthusiasm. (This one had rooms big enough for her little jacuzzi!) So, when a friend of mine called the other day to ask about gifts for her youngest granddaughter, who just turned 5 years old, I suggested that a dollhouse would make the perfect classic toy to give as a present. (I had to repeat it a few times over some racket my husband was making in the basement…)

She asked about the particular model of dollhouse I bought, and I supplied her all the information. It was a Melissa and Doug 4570 Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse, which was not only high-quality, but came with hand-painted furniture, working doors, drawers, the works.

My favorite parts of the dollhouse are the removable staircases and the spacious rooms, which give young ones plenty of space to act out dramatic scenes. (I remember when Glenn broke Glafelda's heart… but never mind…)

My friend called me back a few days later to express her enthusiasm for the suggestion. She's very into smart shopping, the empowerment of the consumer and all that. As such, she loved the idea of supporting small business owners who were living out their dreams and making great products.

She was so thrilled, I think she's going to take advantage of a big sale that will let her get two dollhouses with big savings discounts. But, since I can't very well get my granddaughter another dollhouse, I'll have to start looking online myself.

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