Play a quick game of Suspend to divvy up chores

Divvying up the chores though a game like suspend can help make them fun.

Parenting is a mix of hassle and heart. After all, our children surprise us every day with the wonderful things that they say, do and make us feel, but it's not as if we don't have trouble getting them to follow directions now and then. After all, it can be very difficult to negotiate such necessary tasks as bed time, room cleaning and eating vegetables, which have been known to turn even the most mild mannered children into absolute terrors. 

There are many experts on the subject of what you should do with your children when they act up and the best ways to keep your kids disciplined while still letting them know that they're loved. Many successful parents have found that coming up with a plan for such activities as chores is best if you stay consistent and keep it fun. Beginning chore time with a game, for instance, could help to make cleaning the house into a fun activity rather than an irksome one. 

If you have children, consider starting chore time by playing a quick game of Suspend. This fun activity will remain lighthearted and certainly put a smile on everyone's face. You can then set it up so that the person who loses and ends the game gets to choose what everyone in the family has to do so they don't feel bad. 

Just because you have to do it, that doesn't mean it has to be hard. Making chores into a game can teach your children responsibility and help them stay happy. 

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