Popular Ugly Dolls are expected to be common Halloween costume in 2013

Expect to see a lot of Ugly Doll costumes out there.

Though they've been around for a few years now, it's clear that Ugly Dolls are not just a fad. These cuddly toys are fun for children and adults alike, both of whom embrace them for the more nontraditional aspects of their appearance. The line has even expanded into a number of creative collectibles, including miniatures on keychains, comic books and a variety of characters so children can have fun with all of them. 

And while their unusual aesthetic is what has drawn most of their grown-up fans, it's the fact that each doll has a unique story that they can relate to which makes children love them so much. In what is perhaps the biggest mark of success for a child's toy, the Ugly Doll seems to have been picked as a desired Halloween costume. It was recently mentioned in a New York Times parenting blog as a possible Halloween costume for the kids of the author. 

The adorable faces and friendly attitude that these toys exude helps to ensure that they're beloved by all of the little ones who are thinking of using this toy as a fun costume. But in addition to the fond feelings that the tiny tot in your house probably has about these dolls, they also make for an extremely practical costume, since the fabric that you'll need to make an Ugly Doll costume is cozy and warm, it will be the perfect trick-or-treating outfit. 

While it's still early for the child in your house to have decided their Halloween costume, do what you can to encourage this creative idea of a Halloween costume for them in the meantime. Even if your child decides to select a different costume come October, they will surely cherish all of the memories they have with their beloved doll. 

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