Suspend is a fun game the whole family can enjoy

We love playing a game every Friday night in my house, and Suspend is our new favorite.

I’m heading back to Connecticut in a few weeks to spend some time with my parents for my mom’s birthday. It’s going to be really nice to see her and my dad and to catch up with a few friends that still live in the town where I grew up. 

Mostly, I’m excited to play games after dinner. Throughout my childhood, we played a game after dinner every Friday night no matter what. Even during high school, the rule was that my older sister and I weren’t allowed to go out and see our friends until dinner and game night were both finished. This was a great way of staying close with my family, and it also made me really appreciate games. 

Though we would rotate through all of the games that we had, my current favorite is from the game company Melissa and Doug called Suspend. The rules are simple, so you don’t have to worry about sore losers (like my dad) trying to cheat, and playing is a fun challenge for everyone. 

The game comes in a cylindrical tin, which contains the setup and 24 notched wire pieces. Once the tabletop stand is ready, everyone tries to hang their wire pieces on top of one another. And with each additional piece that is added, the balance shifts a different way. 

It’s really fun to see how my family and I can create a cool-looking statue out of the wire bars, and we get very competitive toward the end, trying to see who will win! 

I like playing suspend so much that I bought a set of my own to play with. A few of my friends and I got together last weekend and we had a blast. 

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