Suspend is a great form of entertainment if you’re in line

The kids in front of me in line were very well-behaved because they were playing Suspend.

A few weeks ago, I had to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have my driver’s license renewed. And, as it’s reputation suggests, my trip was full of bureaucracy and waiting. Even though my errand only took a few minutes, and mostly involved having my picture taken, I still had to wait in line for a few hours, clutching all of the forms that I filled out and hoping that they would call my number some time soon. 

Since I knew that I was going to the DMV that day, I was able to bring a book and a magazine to entertain myself during the time that I waited. Once I got in line, I was behind a mother who had her three small children with her. I immediately felt bad for these little kids, and remembered the few times I would have to go with my mom for this kind of thing during my childhood. 

But, I soon noticed that the mom in front of me came equipped for the waiting time as well. She had a bag with her that included a number of toys that her little ones might want to play with, and even a few quick games. 

At one point, they started playing Suspend, my new favorite game. Even though I’ve always played this game inside, I realized that it travels particularly well too. Since all of the pieces come in handy canister, it can be placed in a bag without much fanfare. And because it takes about 10 minutes to play most of the time, it was the perfect pace for the slow-moving line at the DMV. 

I’ll have to keep this handy game in mind for times when I have to entertain little ones waiting in a long line. 

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