Suspend makes an excellent Easter present

Give your little ones something they'll really have fun with this Easter.

Every parent knows that for little kids, Easter is more than just a Christian holiday. After all, second only to Santa, the Easter Bunny is one of the most celebrated magical characters that brings gifts to children. Traditionally, the Easter Bunny will bring candy and small presents to children in celebration of this holiday. 

Of course, in many households, giving the Easter Bunny a little bit of help when it comes to finding a great present is just one of the many things you'll have to do to adequately prepare for this celebration. After all, once you've picked out the menu for your traditional Easter dinner, remembering to get the right present might be the last thing on your mind. 

This year, rather than giving individual gifts to the whole family, why not have the Bunny bring something that the whole family will enjoy. A great, fast-paced game like Suspend is the ideal present for the entire family. 

This fun new game from Melissa & Doug will entertain everyone. Perfect for one to four players, this game of strategy works by having competitors stack up weighted bars on top of one another and the setup. With each one that's added, the balance of the whole thing shifts, making for an array of difficult setups. The person who makes one of the rubber edges touch the ground first is out. 

Best of all, this can be the perfect post-meal activity. After everyone has eaten, get out the game of suspend and have everyone get together and play. Once your family gets into this game, it will be the most fun you've had in years. Rather than giving your kids a sugar high this Easter, come up with something they'll really love, like the great game of Suspend from Melissa & Doug

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