Take advantage of the beautiful weather and play Suspend outside

Have some fun with a game of Suspend this afternoon.

It seems that the beautiful weather that we've been expecting this spring has finally arrived. In celebration of the pleasantly sunny weather that usually comes around this time of year, many individuals are taking to the great outdoors, deciding that they should seek the opportunity to soak up some of the first warm rays of the season.

This is an excellent time to have a picnic lunch or dinner, which is one of the best ways to enjoy the nice weather while it's here. But if you're craving the kind of fun activity that your whole family can partake in while you're out there, why not play a game of Suspend?

This excellent game from Melissa and Doug is becoming more popular by the day, and will surely keep your family entertained for hours of fun. Undoubtedly one of the best things about this amusing game is that it's incredibly portable. All of the necessary pieces for a fun round of Suspend come in a convenient can that takes up very little space and is easy to carry with you. 

It can be set up on an outside table or picnic blanket just as easily as it would be inside, so your family can play it together even when they're outside and  take the fun indoors once the sun goes down. 

Taking advantage of the nice weather that this time of year is known for is a simple task when you have a thrilling game like Suspend by your side. Make sure that you enjoy every one of the sun's first warm rays by going outdoors and playing a few fun rounds of this great game. 

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