Today’s Concept has a full range of Ugly Dolls available for you to look through

Your curious little one will love playing with toys like her Ugly Doll.

If you ask any kid what the coolest toy is, chances are that the Ugly Doll will come up in their response. These plushy dolls are incredibly lovable regardless of the gender of the child, since they look like a cool alien instead of a Barbie. Whether for a birthday or Christmas present, it's safe to say that any little one in your life is simply going to love it if they get an Ugly Doll as a gift. 

Best of all, there are a huge variety of both the dolls themselves and accessories to go with them, so you can find something to give the most avid collector and chances are they won't have it. Even if they've got all of the characters, you can always give them an Ugly Buddy, clip-on toy, a comic book or even an UglyPillow. 

It's not just children that these unique and friendly characters are popular with. These avant-garde looking cuddle toys also make great throw pillows on modern furniture, and have taken on a cult popularity in the well-appointed modern houses of collectors. Since this brand started out hand-sewn, being sold in craft fairs, that makes some sense. 

But of course, like any in-demand kids toy, it can be incredibly hard to find when a big holiday is coming up. Even then, local department stores and resellers are known to jack the prices up in order to take advantage of the increased demand by charging a premium. Here at Today's Concept, that's not the case. You can find our full range of Ugly Dolls and other Ugly products is on sale for less than the regular price, leaving you with more money in your pocket after you buy gifts. 

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