Ugly Dolls are getting high-tech updates

A new Ugly Doll flash drive lets you store files in style.

In recent years, Ugly Dolls have taken off in popularity among youngsters and adults. These cuddly toys are adorable, even though they're not traditionally cute. Many children love the hopeful message that they give through their encouraging story and, most of all, enjoy the dolls for their softness. In order to drive home the idea of individuality, there are several varieties of Ugly Doll on the market so that each child can have one that best suits them, or they can collect them all. 

But Ugly Dolls are no longer just a set of cuddly toys. This brand has expanded to incorporate a number of other accessories, including key chains, school supplies and even a line of story and comic books telling the tales of each of these beloved characters. 

Now the Ugly Doll empire is planing to expand a little further. According to technology resource website SlashGear, the company is increasing its line of flash drives decorated with the beloved characters. The new offerings include the character Big Toe, who had previously been left out of the series, as well as a new 128 GB size for all characters – enough to store all of the files you need. 

Not only can you keep important data stored safely on these 128 GB flash drives, but they also come with wallpapers, avatars and icons that users can download onto their computer and use to show their personality in addition to their love for these adorable characters. 

If someone in your family loves Big Toe, they'll be thrilled that this great character is now available on more Ugly Doll-related accessories. His silly face looks great on a flash drive, and makes for an easy way to store files. 

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