Ugly Dolls make great home decor

Ugly dolls are often used as decor in modern homes because of their unique appearance.

Recently, I’ve gotten really into Ugly Dolls. These adorable toys are a favorite among younger children, who find them cuddly and cute, despite the fact that their name implies otherwise. After I gave them as a gift to a few kids with great results, they’ve become my go-to present for all the little ones in my life. 

When I was on the phone with my friend Caroline the other day, I found out that it’s not just little kids who like Ugly Dolls. Of all my friends, Caroline undoubtedly has the best sense of style. Despite living in a tiny studio apartment, her house always looks great, and she’s managed to get it packed with furniture without seeming crowded at all. 

She seems to be always swapping out one notable piece of furniture for another, better one, constantly keeping up with sales and trying to make her home better. This attention to every detail and willingness to curate the entire space is undoubtedly what makes her tiny home so inviting. 

The last time I caught up with her, Caroline was celebrating the fact that she had just gotten a great deal on a new couch to replace her ratty old futon. She had had her eye on it for a while, and it finally went on sale at her favorite store for a discount too good to pass up. When we were on the phone, it had just gotten delivered, and she was so happy. 

I was surprised when she got online to order herself an Ugly Doll, but then Caroline told me that lots of people are using these adorable toys as unique throw pillows in their houses. Now that I know this, these toys might just be my go-to gift for everyone, not just the little kids I know. 

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