Uglydoll comics debut at Free Comic Book Day

Your children will love the fun Ugly Doll comic series.

There's no denying that Uglydolls have become incredibly popular in recent years. These cuddly toys send children a message of individuality while remaining friendly and fun to play with, and they've also gained a following by adults who like the fact that they look unique and often use them to add an element of surprise and personality to their home decor. 

But the line of dolls has become so popular that it has also inspired a number of related accessories. From a book series to school supplies, it's now possible to find Uglydolls on just about everything you could want. And this weekend, the empire expanded a little further. 

On May 4th – also known as Free Comic Book Day – Viz Media launched its new Uglydoll comic. The series follows the familiar characters in their unique world, where everything is tailored to their experiences.

Ian McGinty told Comic Book Resources that he found the experience of creating a world for these dolls to be a lot of fun. "You are dealing with a line of 260 stuffed animals," he told the source. "That was the fun of it — figuring out how certain characters might walk, or how would this guy talk to his friend? It was a fun thing overall." 

The line of comic books is expected to have a built-in fan base, since Uglydolls are so wildly popular. But there's nothing quite like giving your child one of these treasured dolls to get them really interested. Don't forget that Today's Concept has a great selection of Uglydolls and other classic toys that your child will love. 

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