Uglydolls can make a wonderful high school graduation present

It's okay to recognize that the high school graduate you know is still a kid.

If you know someone who will soon be celebrating their graduation from high school, you might be searching for the right present to give them. After all, they're not a kid anymore, and will very likely be heading off to college in the fall, but you still might notice that they are indeed still young. This momentous occasion is also somewhat less noteworthy than it was in the past, since now it is more of a rite of passage than a major achievement. 

If you're attending the graduation of someone you know and love, you don't have to feel pressured to spend a lot on their gift. Instead, they might appreciate a nice card, small gift and check or gift card of some kind. The combination will let them know that you care, but also enable them to make some of the necessary purchases that they will need before heading off to school in the fall. 

As a present, consider getting the graduate in your life an Uglydoll. It might be nice to take a comforting memento of home to college, but the modern look of these cuddly toys makes them more of a beautiful and artistic throw pillow than a stuffed animal like a teddy bear. It might just be the perfect way to tell this person that you wish them luck in the future. 

We feature great prices on the popular Uglydoll brand. No matter which ones you're looking for, check the extensive inventory of Today's Concept before shopping anywhere else. 

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