Affordable, portable house humidifiers can make for a cost-effective, comfortable winter

Consumers who want to save this winter may want to examine the benefits of portable house humidifiers when compared to costlier alternatives.

In this week's blog posts, I've been talking a lot about house humidifiers and the many benefits they can provide you and your family this winter. Most of these articles have centered around finding the perfect humidity settings, and how these devices in turn can increase the amount you save on energy.

But, since many news sources don't put emphasis on home improvement, it's been a challenge to find articles that can back up some of my essential points. That is what I thought, until today, when a reader from Michigan passed on a December 18 article from his hometown news source, the Midland Daily News, that echoed many of the same points I've been touching on (always a sign of quality journalism).

In particular, the news source interviewed Scott Dachsteiner, a service manager at Reliable Plumbing and Heating, who detailed why many of his customers are choosing these energy-saving devices.

"Once you get the humidity built up in a house you're more comfortable," Dachsteiner said. "When you put humidity in a house you feel warmer. A lot of people will turn the heat down, so you save a little energy, too."

However, I did take issue with one of the report's highlighting of humidifiers that mount on forced-air furnaces. While these can keep a home evenly comfortable, they may be more expensive than a fleet of smaller models that can do the same job. For example, Dachsteiner mentioned that these models take as much as three hours to install and cost up to $500.

Now, I'm not a busy man these days (the house has been quiet and not in need of any immediate repairs, perhaps too quiet?), but that's a lot of time for busy Americans. Why choose one of these models when portable versions are available for as low as $30 and set up can be completed in less than a half hour?

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