An electric heater is a great Valentine’s Day present

Some Valentine's presents are particularly adorable.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and all day, flower delivery people have been in and out of my office, bringing beautiful arrangements to many of my female coworkers in celebration of the holiday. But my favorite story of an office delivery wasn’t a floral arrangement at all. 

My coworker Stephanie has been dating her boyfriend Brennan for a few years now. The couple has always acknowledged Valentine’s Day, and while they love going out for a nice dinner, they were talking the other day about the unnecessary expense of sending flowers. While these are an undeniably nice gesture, some arrangements cost more than $100, and they’re not a permanent gift. 

After they agreed that sending flowers on Valentine’s Day was a waste of money, Stephanie knew not to expect any kind of a special delivery at work today. But, her boyfriend came up with an adorable, practical romantic surprise to give her instead. 

We were all hard at work when another delivery person came in, this time, saying that he had a special gift for Stephanie. She started to protest, until she saw the size of the box. It was clear, from its rectangular shape and particular heft, that it wasn’t flowers. 

Since the unusual delivery had caused most of my coworkers and I to pause work for the time-being, she had to open it in front of us. Inside, Stephanie found an electric heater, with a special card that read, “You warm my heart.” 

Stephanie said it was the perfect present, since it wasn’t only adorable, but her apartment is always cold, and she will always think of Brennan whenever she uses it. I thought this was such a cute gift idea, and a great way to get more value out of a Valentine’s present. 


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