Appreciating the comfort of my air conditioner

I'm so thankful for the people behind my air conditioner.

I love the climate-control that my air conditioner and other appliances like my electric heater provide for me, but I never really thought about the people who work in this industry. I was reading the local paper a few days ago, though, and I read an interview that got me to realize that a number of people are responsible for making my home so comfortable all of the time.

The interview was with Shane Thetford, who works for a local business that installs everything from fireplaces to window air conditioners. While it's not something that most children dream of doing, Thetford said that he finds his work to be very rewarding, and that most of his customers are just thrilled when he arrives at their homes.

After all, he's bringing comfort into people's homes. I thought that was a great way of thinking about it, and started to really think about what my life would be like if I didn't have any of these comforting appliances.

Everything would be a lot worse, and I would likely be under a great deal more stress most of the time. I know that this year, when people ask me what I'm thankful for, I'm going to tell them that I'm thankful not just for my wonderful heater and air conditioner, but for all of the people who work on making these devices.

If I hadn't purchased my window air conditioner online, I would have had a terrible time this summer trying to keep myself cool in the onslaught of humid heat that these months bring. Since I had one, though, I was nice and comfortable for the duration of the season.

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