Dogs don’t need air conditioning units, report says

Dogs may not need the same level of indoor cooling as humans, but certain energy-saving methods could keep Fido cool.

Americans spend billions of dollars on their pets each year making sure Fido and Max or Sparky and Mittens are properly vaccinated and comfortable in luxury bedding. (On second thought, I admit, I'm not even sure about the billions. I'm not even going to look up the number, I'm sure it would make me queasy).

Don't get me wrong, I love animals. Our old dog Blue used to sleep outside in a first-rate dog house that I spent weeks perfecting. But, some people seem to go overboard with the process of making their pet comfortable in my opinion. For example, a recent article featured on the tech news site Gizmodo indicated that some homeowners are now spending more than $500 for air conditioning systems for outdoor dog houses.

Now, the product reviewed by the source – the Climate Right's portable AC/heater isn't made especially for dogs. It can also be used in other small outdoor spaces such as campers, sheds and tents. But, since dogs are equipped to handle the elements, even the extreme heat, experts say that using air conditioning may not be a cost-effective way to ensure that your dog is happy during the hot summer months.

Pet experts indicate that simple methods such as setting up a wading pool outside or giving your dog frequent refills of fresh water are effective methods of keeping him or her cool.

Electric fans can also be beneficial, as they allow dogs to chose when they might need a refreshing breeze. Homeowners who keep their pets inside – and want to avoid relying on their air conditioning as much this summer – may want to use this method, as fans can help cool down rooms and disperse air conditioning more effectively when its in use.

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