Electric fans and heaters can work in tandem this winter

Instead of cumbersome solutions, homeowners can choose to invest wisely in energy-saving products to bolster their energy savings.

While much of the news dialogue has surrounded the Super Bowl in recent days, many Americans are finally working off the excess chips and salsa and getting back to worrying about everyday issues like home heating. I read one particularly interesting story in USA Today – it ran on February 6 – about some winter gadgets that could help make home heating more affordable.

The article mentioned one product that hasn't been on my radar, a heat-projecting fan made by Dyson that can supposedly rapidly warm up a room. According to the news source, the near $400-dollar product can heat a room to up to 99 degrees Fahrenheit with relative ease. However, with its price tag, those who want to cut their costs may not want to pay for simply great design.

Homeowners can achieve relatively the same benefits by using tried-and-true home heating devices effectively. For example, the Dyson model – while it has a sleek and modern design – is basically just an electric fan and electric heater wrapped into one device. As such, you may be able to get the same rapid home heating effect by using both products in tandem.

I tried out this theory yesterday, and found that using an electric fan with an electric heater was able to spread the warmth out more evenly throughout my home. This kind of tactic may be best if you are in the habit of turning down your manual thermostat substantially before leaving the house, as rapid heating may allow you to ease back into a comfortable temperature more quickly.

In addition, while not as attractive to the eyes, those without a fan and heater can purchase these models for around $100 combined, provided they take advantage of deals from online retailers. And with quick shipping options, this sort of relief may only be a few business days away.

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