Electric fans can distribute the heat from a wood stove

Their beautiful cabin is set up on a hill in a pine grove.

My family friends the Weissmans live in a cabin out in Western Massachusetts. My parents have known these people for a long time, and when I was growing up, I used to love to go visit them out there in the wilderness.

Their house in this backwoods area looks beautiful year-round, but there's something particularly charming about it in the winter. Though it can be difficult to get there, having to drive on heavy snow, their house has beautiful views of the surrounding mountains that make it feel like you're visiting a Christmas card.

I was always surprised, though, at how their house wasn't cold. Rather than being freezing out there in the middle of nowhere, their house is pleasantly warm and toasty no matter how frigid it was outside.

The last time I went to visit I noticed how incredibly warm it was because of the wood burning stove that they used to heat the place. Not only did they have the stove to warm their home, but they were able to distribute that warmth using a simple electric fan.

I asked them about this and they said that before they got the fan, the wood stove would just warm up the section of the house it was in, and that adding this simple appliance made a huge difference.

It makes a lot of sense that a fan would help to distribute heat from a wood stove, and I love how warm the Weissman's house is every time I go to visit. Maybe one day I will have a cabin that I heat with a wood burning stove. If I do, I will definitely use a fan to spread the warmth.

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