Electric fans could increase a home’s winter energy efficiency

Proper heater maintenance involves purchasing products that take the burden off of the home's central unit.

Like many Americans, I was reminded it's December today, not by my calendar, which is still on October, but by my smartphone. For me, this means that it's time to start seriously preparing for winter, even though the weather where my wife and I live has been relatively mild. Topping the to-do list are testing the snow blower, making sure the shovels are out in the open and checking on our heater.

Now, my heater has gotten us through many winters, and it's still going strong. But, this is partly because I choose to respect this vital machinery by purchasing products that help it do its job. My neighbor Jerry has had problems with his heater, and I keep mentioning my tried-and-true tips to no avail. As a result, he was less than happy when he had to come over wrapped in a blanket in the middle of the night for some emergency supplies after his unit failed.

So, what is the secret to ensuring a long-lasting heater? Purchasing some helping hands. This can mean investing in electric heaters or space heaters that can better heat areas of the house. Another handy tip came from a friend of mine who works in engineering – I would try to explain it better, but alas, science was never my forte. This one may make you want to bring your electric fan out of the winter storage closet, as I've been using it for heating to great effect for the last few years.

Essentially, the same science that helps fans cool a room in the summer can be used to heat it in the winter. By using the fan to push air to the ceiling, the hot air rises and is then knocked back down again, creating better circulation. While this trick works best with ceiling fans, by resting a portable fan near the top of a room, you can get the same effect with less upfront investment.

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