Electric heaters could provide low-cost business heating solution

Small businesses could benefit from innovative and out-of-the-box heating solutions.

One letter from a reader recently caught my attention, as it supported my love for electric heaters, although not in a way that I expected. This one came from a business owner in Boston who said that he encouraged employees to bring in small electric heaters to the office. This wasn't because the business owner was being stingy. It was a small business and it seems that the owner of the building the startup was renting was less than kind about the heat bill.

In order to cut this unfair cost, he proposed this idea and a few employees responded. In fact, this example highlights what's best about electric heaters, humidifiers and other portable energy-saving devices: they're mobile. This means that they can fit anywhere, whether it's in a small space in a cubicle or in the corner of a room at home.

While I'm not saying this is the best solution for every business owner's energy costs, it does provide proof that creative solutions can be found when we look to tried-and-true products. With oil and natural gas expected to remain expensive this winter, it's something to think about at least.

However, most electric heaters still aren't big enough for work-to-home transportation on a daily basis. As a result, those who choose to bring these devices to work may want to pick up an extra heater for their home. If this is the case, these individuals may benefit by shopping for a spare heater from a trusted internet provider. By looking for websites that offer big discounts and shipping benefits, consumers could make a smart purchase that helps them with their energy consumption. 

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