Electric heaters won’t be able to run during a Sandy-related power outage

Power outages may happen because of Hurricane Sandy.

Here on the East Coast, we're bracing ourselves for the effects of Hurricane Sandy, which is causing high gusts of wind and dumping tons of rain on most of the Northeast. In most coastal areas, schools and businesses are closed in preparation for the bad conditions.

We've been told by local news outlets to prepare for power outages and other potential hazards of such hurricane weather. My roommates and I spent some time yesterday readying our apartment for the storm by bringing in furniture from the porch, putting extra water in the freezer and buying essentials such as candles, flashlights and batteries.

We have all been on the phone with our families, which are spread out across the Northeast, and are preparing for the hurricane in different ways.

We're keeping our windows closed so as to not subject ourselves to the high winds and rain. This should keep our house warmer too, since we won't be able to turn on our electric heater or turn up the manual thermostat once we lose power.

I looked it up online, and it's important to dress appropriately if the power goes out. I made sure to get a stack of sweaters ready, and plan to use my stove to make extra warm foods like tea and soup if that ends up happening.

According to local reports, the worst is still to come for most areas affected by this large storm system. Hopefully all of the preparation we put in place keeps us safe in the inclement weather, and nothing gets too bad here in Boston.

For now, we're doing our best to stay warm and safe during the storm, and hoping that everyone else does the same thing.

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