For drying clothes indoors, an electric fan is a must

Though it's best to dry outside, indoor with a fan works well too.

My friend Kevin is really into the environment. He's always picking up a new cause for making his life a little bit greener, whether it's becoming a vegetarian or only buying local foods.

Most recently, he's been on a crusade against dryers. While this household appliance is standard for most Americans, that wasn't always the case, and Kevin believes, like many other environmentalists, that using a dryer is unnecessary.

Since he lives in Massachusetts, the weather is often not good enough to hang clothes on a line, where they could otherwise gather the scent of the fresh air and dry in the sunshine. For this reason, he often places clothing on a simple drying rack.

While this apparatus is just as effective as other drying methods, laundry will often dry without being fresh, and fluffy items such as towels can sometimes end up stiff. Kevin has found that the right kind of detergent, combined with a simple electric fan to expedite the drying process, will really prevent these things from becoming problems.

In order to wash and dry bedding and towels, Kevin uses a special soap that's good for keeping laundry soft, and then drapes them over the drying rack, turns on the fan, and waits for them to dry. Seems simple enough, right?

He's using so much less electricity, and says that his clothes are staying in better shape without being exposed to the heat of the dryer. There's no way to know for sure, but it seems like Kevin might stick to not using the dryer for a while.

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