Get ready for spring and use an electric heater in the meantime

Just because it's still cold out doesn't mean you have to keep your heat up so high.

Though we're nearing the end of march, the cold weather is stretching on for longer than many of us can handle. This can be very difficult for those who have carefully budgeted for our winter heating bill, since if the cold weather doesn't let up soon, it could presumably create significant problems for their wallets. 

If you're facing the prospect of paying a larger-than-average bill for January, chances are you're getting a little nervous - after all, this time last year, the birds were singing and people were already outside enjoying  longer, warmer days. Perhaps it's time to turn off your heat for the year so that you won't have to keep spending money on this bill. Since you probably didn't budget for a winter that stretches through to March, you'll undoubtedly enjoy having the extra cash back in your pocket.

Even turning your thermostat down a little can end up saving you significant amounts of money while it's still chilly outside. Of course, this will also probably leave your house on the cold side until the winter weather dissipates in earnest. In order to keep yourself warm until then, think of getting ceramic electric heaters for your house. 

These can be added to all of the rooms in your home, and help to keep everyone you love comfortable during the increased chilliness that continues to linger. They won't add much to your electric bill, but they'll keep you comfortable. 

Best of all, when the sunshine really does start sticking around, you'll be able to put these portable heaters away quickly and easily. If you want to save money on your heating bills throughout the rest of the winter, maybe it's time to turn down your thermostat and supplement with other methods like an electric heater

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