Giving the gift of lower heating bills this holiday season

Electric heaters could be the perfect present for friends of family members struggling with the high cost of energy bills.

With the holidays fast approaching, many readers have emailed me looking for last minute recommendations on home improvement products that could help their friends and family reduce their energy bills. In particular, I received a number of questions about the current line of electric heaters from Honeywell, a company that also makes manual thermostats and other home improvement staples.

Most Honeywell models are affordable for any budget – the most expensive items on its current line top out at less than $100. Still, budget-friendly models are available for as low as just over $50. One of my favorites is the Honeywell HZ-338 Sure-Set Ceramic Heater with Oscillator, as it lies at the lower end of this price scale, yet offers versatility and surprising controls. (Not to mention that the model also looks slick in modern homes.)

With digital controls, this electric heater has an easy-to-use interface and an LCD display (which is great if you need to make some midnight heating adjustments). The heater also turns, thereby circulating warmth through the room, which provides for a more even distribution than other models.

My favorite part about this model, though, is the timer function. This allows you to leave home for up to 10 hours – or keep it on through the night – without having to worry about the heat levels changing abruptly. It also comes with a competitive five-year warranty, so even if it only provides a few years of comfort, you can rest assured that your family and friends can get a replacement without breaking the bank.

In addition, some online retailers now have big price reductions on this model. I've seen websites offering discounts if you buy two or more, meaning that you can save one for yourself as well.

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