Hawaii residents grapple with energy use

While Hawaii offers beautiful vistas, residents often pay exorbitant electricity bills.

Hawaii may be renowned for its beaches and blue waters, but for many residents, the Aloha State is also synonymous with high energy bills, especially during the summer months, when locals turn to air conditioning units for relief.

Now, while many of us view this climate as a bit of a paradise – my wife and I took our second honeymoon there – those who live there often grapple with the high cost of electricity – as it is more expensive here than in any other part of the United States. (Oil prices have been hitting the country hard, as this fuel needs to be shipped their from across the ocean).

However, some utility operators are doing their best to help Hawaiians, especially those who are living with older, less efficient homes and air conditioners. For example, Hawaii Energy recently told The Maui News that it has conducted home energy reports for more than 60,000 residents as of this January.

Using a home inspection, residents can best determine how they can implement cost-effective methods that can help them achieve the kind of savings many Americans can enjoy by purchasing the right assortment of energy-saving items. For instance, the utility company estimates that the imitative has saved Hawaiians roughly $200,000 to date.

Still purchasing the items that can lead to energy-efficiency can be difficult. Many online stores offer the products Hawaiians need, but most don't offer the kind of flexible shipping policy or affordable prices. As a result, all Americans who are looking to purchase electric fans, air conditioning units or dehumidifiers may benefit from comparing shipping prices before buying these items online.

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