How to keep your home cool and energy costs down during the summer

It was so hot, I felt like I was in the desert.

A few days ago, I was outside in my garden harvesting some fingerling potatoes and beets that I grew when all of the sudden, I started getting really hot. I mean, I know summer is on its way, but I forgot how quickly the weather could turn from warm to scorching!

I needed a break and went inside to cool off. In fact, I sat right in front of our air conditioner and put it on high. Then I began thinking how doing so was going to increase our energy bill. I wanted to keep our house cool but didn't want to pay a lot of money every month to keep our house comfortable.

I did some internet research and came across some great tips that described how to keep our energy costs at bay. First, the website said to close all doors leading to uncooled parts of our house. If we have an air conditioner unit in a room that we aren't using, it is apparently a good idea to close to vents. Keeping the applicance's filters clean is also important.

The article also described how it was wise to close up holes and cracks around windows and doors. Foam insulation is a great and easy way to do this.

Finally, I read that closing blinds, drapes and shades are a simple way to keep the sun from overheating a room. It can also keep summer appliances like air conditioners and electric fans running more efficiently.

I knew that a little research would help keep our house cool and energy bill down. And when I told my wife, Jan, and kids about what I had learned, they were quite impressed!

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