Humidifiers can help young children sleep better this winter, report says

Humidifiers can keep babies comfortable during the winter months.

A new report may interest you parents of young children out there. Following a similar story I wrote a few weeks ago about parents in other countries that are benefiting from electric heaters, Consumer Reports released an article this December that talked about how humidifiers can help children sleep more comfortably this winter.

For concerned parents, humidifiers can be a useful tool that helps them protect their little ones from common cold weather side effects such as itchy eyes and dry skin. As babies aren't able to blow their nose or voice their concerns, taking proactive measures can help children (and parents) sleep better.

According to Dr. Amy Guiot, who works at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, humidifiers that provide cool mist can be the most beneficial, as this type of air helps thin mucus more effectively than warm mist. By comparison, warm mist could cause accidental burns, Dr. Guiot told the news source.

Dr. Guiot also spoke about some maintenance aspects of owning a humidifier that parents should note.

"Molds can happen with both (warm mist and cool mist)," she said, according to the media outlet. "If the water sits there, mold will grow. You have to change water frequently and clean as directed."

Other experts who were interviewed by the report added that parents should be careful to follow the recommendations of humidifier manufacturers, because poor maintenance and improper use could potentially lead to health problems. Dr. Robin Deterding, in particular, said parents should clean their humidifiers daily.

In addition, the report said that parents should be careful not to overuse the products, as this could lead to increased energy costs and other concerns. To choose the best humidifier, parents may want to look for a trusted online source that can provide expedited delivery and a solid return policy.

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