Humidifiers may help those suffering from winter nosebleeds

Humidifiers may help alleveiate nosebleeds and nasal irritation.

If you're like many Americans, you may suffer from the occasional nosebleed in the winter, as the cold, dry air that persists in certain parts of the country can contribute heavily to this uncomfortable symptom. According to the National Institutes of Health, nosebleeds are more common among those who suffer from allergies, sinusitis and colds.

While frequent nosebleeds can be the sign of other more complicated illnesses, such as bleeding disorders or high blood pressure, most of the time they can be sufficiently treated with the use of house humidifiers.

Even though I've long-known that humidifiers can be beneficial for many nasal problems, I've never considered these energy-saving tools as a solution to nosebleeds – not suffering from these frequently myself or knowing any friends with this ailment. However, one reader brought this issue to my attention, as his wife had heard that humidifiers could offer a solution to her infrequent nosebleeds.

In particular, this reader sent me a copy of a helpful article that was recently published in Washingtonian Magazine that highlighted the issue.

"During the winter, the air doesn't hold that much moisture," Dr. Thomas Troost, of GWU Medical Faculty Associates, a Washington, D.C.-based practice, said in the report. "So when you breathe in, you essentially dry out mucous membranes."

Individuals who have nosebleeds often may want to consider purchasing more than simply a portable humidifier. For example, Venta Airwasher offers larger models that could be great for year-round use. By purchasing this product from a trusted online reseller with a quality shipping policy, individuals who choose this type of humidifier for their medical needs may be able to save as well.

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