Manual thermostats can be less confusing for the elderly

My grandparents are thrilled with their new house now that they have better thermostats.

My grandparents recently moved into a smaller condo that's more their size in their old age. They love living in a complex that takes care of maintenance things like the lawn and gutters, as well as being closer to relatives in their old age.

Their new home came with a slew of modern technologies, most of which they were excited about. My grandma loves making Jetsons references in her "space age" stainless steel kitchen, and my grandpa really gets a kick out of the plasma screen TV on their wall.

When I recently went to visit them, though, it was so cold that I kept my coat on the entire time I was there. I asked my grandma why her house was so chilly, and she told me that she wasn't sure how to adjust the heat on their "fancy and energy fabulous thermostat."

I took a look at it for her, seeing as I'm usually their go-to tech-savvy young person, and it was really confusing to figure out. After a half hour of reading the manual and looking at the display, I thought I had cracked the code but it turned out that I had it all wrong!

I called my mom on the way home and told her about their confusing heating system. She and my dad went out to buy my grandparents a much easier manual thermostat that would enable them to turn up the heat whenever they needed to.

Since they're frugal in their old age, my grandparents are careful to turn the heat down before they leave the house and therefore haven't had a lot of energy waste, and it's been much easier for them to understand.

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