Many couples argue about the thermostat

Zach and Rose have been fighting about the heat in their apartment.

A few weeks ago, I went to lunch with my good friend Rose. I asked her how she was doing, and she said that though she was doing well, she and her boyfriend Zach had been arguing a lot lately. The two of them have been dating for a while, but only recently moved in together. Rose was nervous that their frequent fights were a sign that things were going bad in their relationship.

Naturally I was concerned for my friend, so I asked her what had been causing the problem. When she told me, I nearly laughed, as it turned out that my friend had stumbled upon one of the most common problems that couples face: They've been arguing about the temperature in their apartment.

Many women, including Rose, fall into the "always cold" category, though there's no biological reason for it (women actually have a slightly higher body temperature than men). She frequently walks over to the manual thermostat in their apartment and turns the heat up, only to have Zach turn it back down a few minutes later.

I suggested that the two of them come up with a compromise, and meet in the middle of the temperatures that they'd prefer. Rose can always put on a sweater, and Zach can always just wear a t-shirt. That way, they won't have to continue to have the same fight all the time.

She called me yesterday, and I asked her how things were going. She told me that once they talked about it, they didn't fight about the thermostat anymore. Sometimes, a little communication is all you need, even if the problem is as trivial as the temperature.

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