Obtaining an electric fan the wrong way

While stealing an electric fan may seem like a good idea, there are plenty of ways to make this purchase without risking fines and prison time.

There are a number of ways to obtain a new electric fan that can help you reduce your monthly expenditures. In fact, I'd recommend more than a few. For example, shopping online at discount retail outlets, classified listings or auction websites are all reliable ways to navigate this purchase, if completed appropriately.

However, there are some ways that definitely shouldn't be encouraged. For example, SoMdNews.com – a Maryland-based news site – recently published a story about a local man who broke into a chapel in order to steal an electric fan.

Thomas Combs, a 27-year-old resident, allegedly broke into Joy Chapel of Hollywood United Methodist Church on Friday January 27. Once inside, the man stole not only the fan, but several metal chairs, according to the news source.

The man – who hailed from Hollywood, Maryland – was arrested and ordered to remain in jail or pay a $5,000 bond. Law enforcement officials also say that he destroyed items worth a combined $300 when he broke into the church.

As a result, his attempts to steal the electric fan and other assorted supplies will end up costing him more than 10 times what he could have paid by going online. Now, I'm not suggesting that obtaining the fan was his sole motive. (In cases of theft, you can most likely assume that Combs was either in need or suffering from a case of greed.)

However, those of you who feel like you may be driven to similar extremes just by opening your browser and shopping on the websites of your nearby retail stores don't have to fear. Top-of-the-line Honeywell electric fans can be found online at big discounts – and while the deals may seem like theft, they're perfectly legal!

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