Preparing air conditioners for the winter

Putting away an air conditioning unit for the winter can have energy saving benefits.

I know last week I said goodbye to my air conditioner, however, it wasn't quite goodbye yet. While I won't likely need to use it anymore this season, I still need to take precautions so that it will work during the summer heat next year. As a result, I wanted to dedicate this piece to the tips and tricks that I use when preparing my air conditioners – and the affected living space – for winter's big chill.

Now, for some types of air conditioners, making winter precautions is relatively simple. For example, my son recently got his first apartment in the city, and since it's an older home, he doesn't have the same quality of ventilation like my wife and I do. Since he uses window air conditioners to cool his two-bedroom space, I advised him to simply remove the units for the winter. We took the same precaution with our home, as we find that using smaller air conditioners that are suitable for one room can be a big energy saving tip in the summertime.

Luckily for my son, we examined the window and it seems to still be pretty air tight despite the presence of that hefty machinery all summer. However, I told him that if he felt any drafts from the area to cover the window with a blanket or some sort of insulating material.

If removing the air conditioner is particularly difficult, you can also choose to leave the unit in the window during the winter. In this case, you simply want to purchase a protective cover so that the unit isn't harmed by the severe cold. In addition, I recommend finding or purchasing a sheet of wood that can fit under the covering and over the box itself. This way if any tree limbs or ice blocks fall on the unit, it won't be damaged.

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