Relying on house humidifiers and electric heaters to deal with colds

Feeling sick? A house humidifier can come in handy

Well, it's that time of year again. While we've had a few unseasonably warm days up here in New England, the chilly weather finally seems to be settling in, and wouldn't you know it? I came down with a cold.

Despite my best efforts to stay healthy, I am faithfully submitting this blog entry from the comfort of my bed, with a box of tissues at my side and my house humidifier running just a few feet away.

At least my illness paid off in one way – by providing a great idea for this blog post. You see, I've been relying on my trusty home appliances to see me through this rough day in more ways than one.

When I'm out on the couch indulging in some daytime television (I'm a "Price Is Right" guy) I turn to my electric heater to keep the chills away. It's a cost-conscious way to maintain body heat without cranking up the manual thermostat – a habit that my wife in particular finds annoying since she isn't nearly as chilly as I am right now.

And of course, while I'm laying here in bed, my cold-air house humidifier keep the arm nice and moist, reducing my congestion and helping to ease my breathing. If you're in the market for a house humidifier, I would suggest the cool-mist one as well. They're cheaper than the warm-mist varieties and will also provide energy savings.

A combination of these affordable tools will help speed along your recovery when you've caught a bug. It also helps to get plenty of rest, and on that note, excuse me while I conk out for a nap.

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105 thoughts on “Relying on house humidifiers and electric heaters to deal with colds

  1. It’s very important to take lots of water and juices when you catch colds. Of course, nothing beats enough rest and sleep. Eating fruits rich in Vitamin C helps a lot or better yet take Vitamin C supplement. If you have colds now then it would be better that you take rest, turn the heater on and sleep. Furthermore, one should avoid drinking cold water.

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