Saving energy doesn’t have to be hard

Using the dishwasher takes less energy than cleaning dishes by hand.

As the summer stretches on, many of us cringe when we get super high electric bills. A few weeks ago, I realized that turning my air conditioner up to full blast was going to cost me quite a bit of money, so I did some research and wrote up a few tips. Recently I found some more great pieces of advice that will help make me use even less power this summer. 

I was surprised when I found out that a lot of these suggestions don't just help to save energy, but they're actually easier than doing it the old fashioned way. For instance, making food in the microwave instead of the oven or stovetop uses two-thirds less electricity than cooking on a stove-top. Another added bonus to this method of cooking is that it won't heat up your kitchen the way the oven will.

I was thrilled when I found out that using the dishwasher requires less water and power than cleaning plates by hand. Washing dishes is an annoying task that nobody really wants to do, and now I gladly let the machine do the work, knowing that I'm saving myself both time and money in doing so.

Another easy way to save energy is to turn your air conditioner off during the day while you're at work. Since you can't enjoy its cool refreshment while you're away from the house, there is no reason to have it on all day. Making sure that your AC unit is properly installed will also help to conserve power. If it's mounted incorrectly, hot air can seep into the house while cold air escapes.

I'm so excited to try out these new energy saving tips, and hopefully my next electric bill will be my lowest yet.

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