Securing federal tax credits for biomass stoves

By using commonly found biomass - such as wood chips - in specialty stoves, you could better equip your home for the winter.

With the price of oil and natural gas putting a strain on the winter budgets of many homeowners, you may be in the market for an alternative option. After all, the prospect of never having to budget for high energy bills again can be tempting. One option that you may want to consider is purchasing a biomass stove, as it could be more affordable now than it will be in the future.

The Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit – which is set to expire on December 31 – currently awards a maximum reimbursement of $300 to homeowners who make this upgrade – provided it has a thermal efficiency rating of at least 75 percent. Unlike traditional stoves, biomass stoves can heat homes or water by burning affordable items such as wood waste, plants and grasses.

Still, despite the attractive credit, biomass stoves present a number of potential issues. For example, some fuels produce particularly unpleasant odors, which may necessitate a special exhaust. In addition, I've heard that the low-cost versions of this energy-saving alternative may not be as useful as the sole source of heat for a home.

You also need to factor in the availability of biofuels in the area. Wood, for instance, may not be plentiful in some areas, and as a result, this fuel could be expensive.

However, with the deadline fast approaching, and so many options to consider, individuals who want a low-cost way to reduce their heating bills may want to turn to solutions available from online retailers. By buying a portable electric heater – which typically costs less than $100 – you can augment your home's traditional heating source and see energy savings on your bills.

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