Stay cool with an electric fan

Stay cool this summer, and reduce your energy bill, with an electric fan.

For some, the summer is a welcome reprieve from the long, cold winter months. For others, the heat can be a sweltering nuisance. Homeowners may be able to combat it with central air conditioning, but that's an expensive tool. Apartment tenants may not have such a luxury, and for those who live on higher floors, the rising heat coupled with the already high temperatures can lead to some unbearably humid and sweaty days and nights. For those looking to beat the heat and do so affordably this summer, consider purchasing an electric fan instead.

The electric fans we offer at Today's Concept are powerful, high-efficiency models guaranteed to make life at home more comfortable. The major benefit to an electric fan over central AC is the expense – while air conditioners cost incredible amounts of money in utility costs, fans only consume a fraction of the electricity. Additionally, while central AC is used all the time and covers the span of the home – in wasteful and unnecessary amounts – fans are only on when you want them on, only in rooms that you want cooled. It's completely up to your discretion on where, when and for how long an electric fan is used.

In addition to keeping your home cool and comfortable in the heat, fans can also clear out unwanted and potentially unhealthy smells. This is especially helpful for newly painted rooms, or garages that may be full of fumes from cars.

The Honeywell HT-900 Super Turbo Table Fan is an affordable option for those looking for compact and quiet fans, ideal for use in bedrooms and offices, with a range of low, medium and high settings that ensure you have total control over electricity consumption. For more information, visit the Today's Concept online store today.

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