Staying safe when the temperature rises

When the weather gets hot, I microwave my food rather than making the kitchen hotter by running the oven.

This summer has been one of the hottest that I can remember. It seems that temperatures breaking the 90-degree mark at least once a week. But the dog days of summer aren't just uncomfortable, they can be dangerous too. The CDC states that heat waves are the most deadly weather-related exposure in the United States.

The Weather Channel recommends that during a period of increased heat, those without air conditioning should stay on low floors and keep electric fans running.

Try to limit activities that will add heat to an already hot house, such as using the oven. I've noticed that watching Netflix on my laptop can make my house a lot hotter, so on a sweltering day, I try to read a book instead. The Weather Channel also recommends eating small, frequent meals to keep your body temperature from increasing while you digest.

A new study from England though suggests that if temperatures are above 95 degrees, electric fans may not successfully cool a room. While fans can definitely make you a little more comfortable in scorching heat, air conditioners are really the only appliance that can lower the temperature of a room.

Be sure to wear lightweight clothing and drink plenty of water when you do go outside, since extreme warmth tires the body more than you realize. Take frequent breaks to keep heat exhaustion from turning into heat stroke.

And while you might be tempted to take a cold shower right after coming in from the very hot weather, it's better to wait a little while, as such a drastic temperature change can bring on dizziness and nausea. 

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