The right electric heater can save you money come winter

DJ is unbelievably frugal.

My friend DJ is really frugal. Despite the fact that he has a good job and could afford a lavish lifestyle if he wanted to, DJ decides to do everything on the cheap. He's the kind of guy who will order just an appetizer and tap water at a group dinner so that he doesn't have to chip in much when the bill comes.

But for the most part, DJ's cheap qualities are more endearing than annoying, and it's a joke among my group of friends that he lives in a tiny, rundown studio apartment in a questionable neighborhood, despite the fact that most of his co workers are living large in downtown highrises.

Last week, I was near where DJ lives, and figured that I would stop in to say high. We all know better than to just pop in at his house, since he's the kind of person who doesn't always appreciate social interaction.

To my surprise, however, DJ answered chipperly, and told me to stop in whenever I would like. When I got to his apartment, DJ looked happy to see me, and said that he was glad someone came over.

I was happy to hear that, but knowing DJ, I figured that he had an ulterior reason for being so happy to have a house guest. It didn't take long for me to find out that DJ had been keeping his heat off to save money, and only turning it on when he had guests over.

I was somewhat alarmed by this, since he could end up getting sick or damaging his apartment by refusing to turn on the heat. My friends and I chipped in and bought him an electric heater for Christmas though. So he could save money and still be warm.

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