Unable to buy air conditioners in stores, many seek relief from the heat online

Many people don't think of buying an air conditioner until the weather gets hot, leading to shortages.

This summer has been one of record-breaking heat across the United States and Canada, and it doesn't seem likely to end soon. A few weeks ago when Boston was having a particularly unbearable heat wave, my friend Rose asked if I would come with her to a nearby retailer to buy an air conditioner.

We drove all the way to the store only to find out that they were completely sold out of ACs. Not only were they all sold out, but a sales person told us that every store in Boston had been sold out for three days. Rose and I called the other locations and we found out that he was right. Four days into a heatwave, and suddenly all of Boston was out of air conditioners.

And it's not only happening in Boston. Air conditioners are selling out in cities everywhere from New York to Winnipeg.

"Some local heating and cooling companies have reported having a backlog of at least one week to get air conditioning units set up," CBC reported.

But that doesn't mean that people are living without them. As soon as we got back from our frustrating shopping trip, Rose and I sat in her stifling living room and looked for air conditioners online. A few days later, Rose's AC arrived and she hasn't complained about the heat since.

Even this summer, while temperatures are routinely reaching 90 or even 100 degrees, air conditioners are much easier to find online than in a store. Buying a unit online can give you a greater selection to choose from as well. 

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