Where to find common air leaks

Attics can be a prime location for air leaks

With the height of winter closer than many homeowners would like to admit, now may be the best time to search the house for any potential leaks that could cause the family's electric heaters to work overtime this winter. By catching even a few pesky leaks and sealing then with caulk, spray foam or other simple methods, homeowners could find that this small savings adds up over the course of the season. When starting to inspect your home, here are some good places to begin.


While it sounds crazy, windows can get left open, especially when obscure ones are opened up on nice days. In addition there doesn't need to be anything substantially wrong with the window for a leak to occur. By failing to do something as simple as not firmly shutting the window or removing a window air conditioner, drafts can get in, and more importantly expensive heat can escape.


Problem areas can occur around the edges and particularly under doors. The best remedy for this may be for these individuals to order door unders from a trusted online retailer.

Mail chutes

While a seemingly unlikely culprit, homeowners with mail slots in their doors may want to ensure that the covering securely fits over the opening. By doing so, homeowners can ensure cool air doesn't leak through this outlet.


These drafty areas are often more problematic, since an air leak can indicate a larger problem, such as a roofing or chimney issue. As such, these areas should be checked frequently, as heat rises and then escapes through these passages frequently.

Vents and fans

In bathrooms and kitchens, vents that are supposed to filter air out could be letting cold air in. As such, homeowners may want to take a thin piece of paper – I think toilet tissue works best – and hold it to the vent. If the paper is sticking to the vent, the cycle of air should be working appropriately.

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