White vinegar makes a great budget cleaner

Don't let allergies stop you from using cleaning products, just use this tip.

My sister Shannon has a lot of allergies. The fact that she's always dealt with these has also gotten her interested in environmentally-friendly items, since they're typically hypoallergenic as well.

She and I were talking on the phone yesterday, and Shannon mentioned that her electric fan has become very dusty and that she sneezes every time she turns it on now. She said that this was aggravating her allergies, and so she had been avoiding turning the fan on when her apartment was hot.

I suggested that she clean the fan, and she told me that she was worried about the harsh chemicals from cleaning products taking a toll on her health and also possibly aggravating her allergies. I asked her if she looked up some alternative cleaning products, and she told me that they were all too expensive.

While we were on the phone, I got out my laptop and did an internet search to see if I could find a better solution for her. And it turns out that many people use simple white vinegar mixed with water as a cleaning product.

This solution works great on windows, counters and everything else that needs to dry with a streak free shine. I advised Shannon to use this simple trick to clean her electric fan. She said that it was worth a shot, since her fan was really dirty.

First she dusted the fan and its blades, and then she used the vinegar solution to finish it off. Shannon called me right after the project was finished to rave about the beautiful results. She loves how this quick solution is healthy, green and cheap as well as how great it makes her fan look.

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