Winter heating tips: Proper yard care

Heating a home in winter can be problematic, especially if trees are obscuring the home's natural sunlight.

Well, here we are again, fresh from Thanksgiving and some much needed pie, football and relaxation. I hope all you faithful readers had a great time – even if you had to put up with the in-laws for a few hours. What did I do for the holiday you ask? I went with my wife to visit her sister Barbara and their family, which was about an hour drive with traffic.

Either way, once we arrived, we ate and then the adults settled into conversation. Barbara and her husband Mark – who sells insurance I believe – voiced some of their concerns about their winter heating bill after a few glasses of wine. Being the expert – and having imbibed a few drinks myself – I resolved to look around the place, analyzing every nook and cranny for a draft or other potential cost raiser while the kids watched "Elf."

However, after about a half an hour or so, I found that I couldn't readily identify anything that they weren't doing to decrease their heating bill. That's when I looked up to the heavens – and coincidentally – through one of their skylights. This opening was almost completely covered by the shade of tree branches, which had grown thick over the glass.

As it turns out, my in-laws were obscuring a lot of the natural heat that the winter sun can bring into their home simply by not paying attention to their lawn maintenance. As a result, I advised them to put some time into landscaping, or at least cutting down branches that could be reducing this cost-saving natural heat.

In addition, I encouraged them to consider specialty shades that can help them reduce their cooling bills in the winter. Together with tried-and-true methods such as purchasing electric heaters and using them to efficiently heat spaces, readers with skylights can see your savings increase in all seasons.

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