A humidifier can help reduce static in hair

Particularly after blow-drying my hair, it used to become filled with static cling.

I love the winter. It's nice to bundle up and spend time indoors with all the important people in your life as the days grow shorter. Just last week I was even able to attend a big Thanksgiving meal with my friends before I headed home and celebrated with my family.

Since I have my heavy winter coat and a scarf, I don't even mind the blistering winds that this season brings. But a few days ago I was bundling up to go outside and I went to brush my hair out of my face while I had my gloves on. Much to my dismay, rather than moving out of the way, my hair stuck to my face because of static cling.

I forgot that the dry air of winter has this major drawback. Whether its in your hair or on your clothes, static is the kind of frustration that can really ruin your day.

When I got to my friend's house, she could tell that something was bothering me. When I told her that it was nothing more than the static in my hair Dana replied that she knew what I meant, and that she used to deal with the same problem as well.

Dana told me that last year she became fed up with static cling, and looked up cures for it online. She found out that this is caused by the dry winter air, and that using a humidifier can help.

As soon as I got home, I ordered myself a whole house humidifier in order to keep moisture in the air and get rid of my pesky static problem. Since I've been using it, I haven't had to deal with this nuisance at all, and I can enjoy winter again!

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