A pedometer is an excellent motivational weight loss tool

My mom makes sure to go for a walk or a run with the dog every day to keep her bones healthy.

About a year ago, my mom decided that she needed to focus on cardio workouts more. She has always had a slight frame, and kept her workouts mostly to strength training and muscle toning. However, when she had a bone density scan, the doctor told her that she was in the early stages of osteoporosis.

Since she’s always been focused on health, my mom was surprised. But the doctor told her that it wasn’t cause for alarm just yet, but rather a sign that she needed to do more for her bone health. Her doctor told her to take an easily absorbed calcium supplement, and to focus on impact workouts.

According to Dr. Levine, my mom’s physician, impact-based workouts, like walking or running, are good for maintaining bone health and strengthening joints. As soon as she found out that there was something she could do, my mother was on board, and went out that afternoon to buy herself a new pair of sneakers and running clothes.

These days, my mom tries to go out for a speed walk or run with the dog every day, and makes sure that no matter what, she walks a mile. She figured out that three complete trips around the school where she works would constitute this distance, and will hand deliver messages to her colleagues instead of sending them an email.

It occurred to me that my mom’s goal of walking a mile every day would be a lot easier for her to maintain if she was counting every step she takes. And that’s when I realized that a pedometer would be perfect! I found a really nice one onlinethat counts steps, distance in miles as well as calories burned. Plus, it counts aerobic steps separately, so she can easily keep track of her goal.

Her birthday is coming up soon, and I can’t wait to give her this present!

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